Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Ebay scams,one to avoid.

I have recently been working with a face book group who publicise and act on ebay scams.Most involve cars or motorhomes but many others involve classic cars and machinery,I have seen two recently that involved modern transits.Basically the scammers use false or hijacked accounts to list stuff at what would be bargain prices.They invite people to contact the seller often at a Gmail address.What happens is a reply is sent inviting the recipient to open a link to arrangement payment,discuss reserve or a discount etc which contains a trojan that then takes over their computer. Ebay seem powerless to do anything about these scams and the scammers responsible are listing hundreds at a time spread throughout ebay. The bottom line is,dont reply to any,if it seems to be good to be true you now know why.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Tools for classic cars.

I'm having a bit of a clearout of some surplus tools ,all ideal for older classic cars or motorcycles. Have a look at my web site and you can buy any of them cheaper than they are listed for on ebay.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Fairway taxi.Welding inner wheel arches and floor.

My taxi had badly rusted inner wheel arches. Really only visible with the rear wheels off and the interior trim and seats removed from the back. I've already welded up much of the bodywork,links to more photographs etc are on this page.

 This was the hole in the drivers side inner wheel arch,the area just in front of the wheel where the seat bottom rests was also rotten. These holes were made just by pressing the rust bubbles with a finger.

Using a thin cutting disc in an angle grinder the rot was cut out and cuts made to get back to sound metal.Using a depressed centre disc in the angle grinder the hole edges were cleaned up. A piece of card was pressed down onto the hole to make a pattern for a plate,cut approx 1/4 inch larger all round to sit under the hole.

The metal plate was curved and some cuts made to get the sharper bends,these cuts were then welded back together when the shape was finalised when the repair plate fitted accurately in place.The raised section or flange replaces the original which had started to rust badly and enabled the plate to fit accurately and strengthen the section it is welded to. 

The plate was welded in place and the welds partially ground down.The area is concealed so it seemed pointless to spend time making an invisible repair. Some seam sealer was used to stop any water access between the new section and the original panels.The plate is thicker than the original metal it replaces would have been and the arches are now considerably stronger than they were and probably stronger than when new.Supposedly the MOT (test for fitness) on these vehicles is very strict. I have seen enough of these vehicles (even ones in service) with extensive corrosion that I believe this is a myth.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Using an old ex london black cab as a daily driver.

For a long time I've been using an old London taxi as a daily driver. The old Nissan 2.7 engine has proved ultra reliable but the bodywork has needed welding constantly.

I started a taxi owners forum  for other owners of these old vehicles and found there are examples of these cars all over the world.Few are now used as fare carrying vehicles and many were scrapped when the British government and the idiot of a London mayor (Boris Johnson) decided they polluted too much yet replaced them with taxis using the same nissan diesel engine.

Spares are slowly becoming a problem. Most body parts are now unobtainable although most are relatively simple and can be patched with welding. The servicing items are still easy to source as are tyres as these were carried over to the later models.

As with any diesel engined vehicle starting in cold weather requires a strong battery and these are fitted with a seriously large one under the bonnet.Taxis have a weird electric lock system that locks the doors automatically when the foot brake is applied,this prevent passengers in the back (there is no front seat and the back is partitioned off seperately from the front) from hopping out as the taxi stops and thus avoid paying the driver. The rear doors are the 'suicide' type with the added bonus that the driver can put his hnd out of his window and open the rear door without leaving his seat. You can see this on many old films based in london or some of the larger UK cities.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Yob rule..

Some pieces of shit did this to my motorhome the other night. I suppose their fathers would sort them out normally but doubt these arseholes even have one.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Under bonnet blanket on Rover P5b

The under bonnet blanket on my Rover was missing,these keep the heat from the engine from damaging the paint on the bonnet.
I made a blanket from fire resistant wadding between black cotton sheet. The cotton was treated with a mixture of Borax and Boracic acid to make it fireproof. The sheet was held in place with thin steel wire. It tucks under the bonnet supports.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Keeping the patina on an old classic car.

I've started a facebook group for the owners of classic cars who would rather use them than keep them locked away or take them to shows on a trailer. If you have a car you've restored on a budget,where you've adapted parts,sprayed and welded outside don't be shy,be proud of what you have achieved.

If you have a car that you've restored without spraying and chroming to within an inch of its life,join the Oily Rag restoration group. The link to it is here.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Ebay. Some good days and some bad.

I have found ebays sales are slow one week and then pick up only to slow down again..
I've started listing some tools on a new page on the Baconsdozen Imperial Tools web site. A lot of people seem to chose Chinese tools made cheaply and ebay is full of them. The tools I sell are of higher quality and are more expensive as a result but in tools (like life) you get what you pay for.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Polishing stainless steel.

I bought a metal polishing machine (grinder with cloth wheels) and the compounds etc. I had a go at polishing the seat trim and the kick plate on the drivers side. It came up quite well,I think I need a bit more practice, so I'm looking round for other bits to polish.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Cleaning fouled spark plugs.

Some people say there is nothing in a spark plug to wear out.That might be true but they do eventually get covered in a layer that can short them out so that they don't spark.This gives a misfire at best or stops the engine at worst.These plugs I removed from my V8 engined P5b Rover. The choke mechanism was faulty and the engine was running on a mixture that was too rich.

 Using a combination of a solvent and oven cleaner it is possible to make the plugs almost as good as new.This avoids using a grit blaster (which most of us don't  have) and avoids any grit or sand being left behind to damage the engine.

No wire brushing or need for machinery and fancy chemicals. Details are on a spark plug cleaning page.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Rubber door seals on the P5b.

I was getting fed up with the wind noise and rain coming in around the doors of the Rover P5b.
Door seals are available but very expensive for what are really just bits of rubber. I made some out of some sections I bought to repair the door seals on my transit.
These give a double seal around the door and fit inside the original door seal housing.

The new seals were glued together at the corners and the wind noise and the rain are now kept on the outside of the car.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fairway Owners,a new forum to share experiences etc.

There is a new forum for the owners of fairway taxis. These old london taxis are now virtually all in private hands after the politically motivated decision to remove them first from London and then other cities streets.
If you have one of these and want to meet other owners and share hints,tips and maybe spares etc or just say hello,the link is here

Although these things are very reliable and clock up huge mileages they are prone to rust and whilst most repairs are simple there are not many garages who seem prepared to work on them.
I have done many thousands of miles in my own fairway its moved furniture and engine spares and transported two big dogs to the beach.my London taxi web site.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Welding the floor on the transit.

I took the rubber mat out of the old transit motorhome and found some holes in the cab floor. After taking the plug out of the back of the alternator and disconnecting the battery I started to weld the holes.

The holes in the floor pan were localised where water coming through the heater vents collects under the rubber mat. These were cut out and the edges squared off.A plate was then made to accurately fit in the holes,supported in place and but welded to the floor

The patches were then painted with red lead paint. For a neater job the welds could have been ground down flush but the floor is covered anyway and the patches hardly show underneath when painted over.

.The passengers side wing never fitted well.It stood very much proud of the leading edge of the door.New wings are unobtainable so I cut a thin section from the mounting flange (left pic) and then pushed the wing in and welded the edges back together. The door and wing now are much closer and the welding strengthened the door hinge area.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Welding front spring shackles on Mk1 transit.

With an MOT looming I thought I'd have a crawl underneath the transit. The front shackles had been welded some time ago (in fact a fair few years ago,time flies) I thought I'd attack them with a hammer. The original repairs still seem OK although a bit 'messy' so I ground down the welds and found one had not really taken right at the front so did it again. Under the old underseal the rust had started to get a hold so I took it all off and redid with old fashioned red lead.

The shackles looked a bit improved afterwards but while underneath I noticed a weak point on the floor,it probably doesn't matter for an MOT but still doesn't look too good.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Taxi tantrums,the worlds most reliable car starts playing up.

I had a problem with the old taxi. The problem started as a minor one with the car being hard to start if parked facing uphill. gradually it got worse,I traced it to air getting in via the top of the priming pump on top of the filter.
I cut the top off and welded a plate over it (I think the diaphram was leaking).
. This got the thing running but air still got in and only by revving the engine hard every few minutes would it keep running it was also down on power.
Eventually I rigged up a temporary system using a squeeze type priming pump and a couple of inline filters. This seems to work well,so I've decided to leave it alone for the time being.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Welding up the fairway doors part two.

The rot cut out left a bigger hole over half the door skin to bottom
is missing
After welding in some plates the seams were skimmed over with filler.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Welding up the back doors on the fairway taxi taxi

The door skin on the old fairway taxi was starting to come adrift. I took the door off and turning it upside down found the bottom of the door had all but vanished.
Even the thick metal that holds the door seal had broken up into pieces. I made a couple of sections to weld in,the repair wont last for ever but I did find even on ebay doors for these are hard to find and/or expensive. The doors like the rest of the vehicle rot badly,water comes in through the very poorly designed seals.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Car boot bargains,they just keep coming.

Went to a car boot this sunday. Julies car boot near Yarmouth. I did a stall to get rid of some stuff but came back with a load more.

I bought a compressor,a spray gun,tyre inflator and an air line. Also some old cast iron seat ends,an old but nice and solid petrol engine compression tester and some odd spanners. The spanners will go up for sale on the web site. I think now ebay seems to have shot itself in the foot again and choked off many small sellers that car boots are now going to be a better place to find the odd bargain. certainly for selling smaller items ebay is no longer as attractive for buyers or sellers as it once was.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A bit of woodwork on the car .

One problem that the rover P5 and P5b have is water coming in at the ends of the windscreen and rotting out the metal behind and spoiling the trim especially the ends of the dashboard.
The wood fillets in the corners discolour and delaminate. I removed the wood from the drivers side nd the back of it was pretty badly damaged. the screws securing the panel are hard to locate but on this fillet they had started to give up the ghost anyway.

The area behind the panel was in reasonable order,some surface rust treated with fluid film. The panel was repaired and then fitted back in. Originally I had removed it to replace the furflex trim around the doors. This is secured with tacks to some strips recessed into the door openings.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sound proofing the Rover P5b.

I noticed when I took the radio out of the rover that some of the soundproofing felt had been removed from the dash panel area. I took the radio and the panel it fits into out and replaced the missing material.According to a couple of people I spoke to there should be more material behind the glove box and I have replaced this too.