Saturday, 21 March 2009

Lowstuff on Sea.

Not much going on here today.Apparently,according to the local rag the towns all set for a boom.(again) and the third crossing has moved a step closer (yet again).The silly windmill went round for the first time in a fortnight (and then stopped again),the council have had their weekly bollocking for squandering or losing money somewhere or another and people are moaning about the noise and poo from the sea gulls.
Looks like another action packed day.
Lowestofts got a pedestrianised centre,a one way system with traffic jams.There's a Tesco and Asda,its full of tatty flats,bed sits and charity shops.Drop a blinfolded stranger in the middle of town and you could tell him he's in any one of a hundred other run down sea side towns.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Another day,another dollar.

A nice sunny day but still cold,I've opened the shop and there are orders to sort out on the computer.There are plenty of boats in the harbour,a few brave souls investigating all Lowestofts delights (that wont take them long) and a chill wind blowing papers and crap up and down the street.The bridge has just gone up creating it's normal jams to allow some diddy yachts to fart and splutter out to sea,the fountains are going so the pavement is nice and slippery and if some old biddy goes base over apex and the bridge is up at least the ambulance crew will get to wave at her.
Welcome to another day on the sunshine coast.