Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas day charity swim in lowestoft.

A freezing cold day,foggy and damp but some crazy fools in fancy dress braved the elements and took to the sea at lowestoft.The crowds weren't put off by the weather either and it was difficult to get some rally good pictures but I've done my best.
The swimmers gather on the beach and  start off with a quick 'warm up' by running up and down the beach.

Then suddenly the rush for the sea starts.

Despite the bitter cold some stayed in for some while.
The life boat heads back in a cloud of spray.All over for another year.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Too cold to mess about under cars.

I got part f the way to fitting the new mounts but found they need modifying.It was too cold to stay under there for long so I crawled out and played about changing the bumper for one thats a bit less rusty.
They're now saying another load of snow and feezing temperatures are heading this way so thats me done for a bit.
Indoors with the fire going,has to be better than grovelling about under a car.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Calm before the storm?

Thngs have been pretty quiet in the shop and on the internet.I've spent a bit of time doing a page on the web site devoted to the problems of undoing rusty nuts and bolts.Later on I'm going to try and fit the new rear spring mounts I've made to the Rover P5b.
Its a bit cold to grovel about underneath cars but it should be relatively quick to do.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Freezing weather brass monkeysstay indoors.

The weather has been below freezing for a week or more and it seems impossible that just a month ago we were walking the dogs on yarmouth beach and looking for ice creams.Yarmouth is where the East coast Pirates car club meets but we've given a miss for a while as we're too busy on the web site and its been a bit chilly anyway.We're still trying to clear a load of old stock but ebay seems to be declining fast as a selling venue.It's also pretty obvious that people prefer to buy cheap tools rather than ones that are going to actually do the job and will last.