Thursday, 26 August 2010

Another fun packed day in Lowstuff

It's piddling down with rain,the scaffold outside has now been ther two months and still noones been seen working on it.The waterboard or electricity or gas board or maybe all three have decided to dig the road up yet again and the bascule bridge is goig up and down like a whores drawers to let farty little dinghies in and out.
Good job I stay cheerfull.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

All quiet on the western front.

Nothing much has been happening,I've put a load of gear on ebay to sell,Gullivers broken down for the thousandth time,it's all quiet in the shop,but the highlight of the week so far is I've managed to stop the water leak in Humphreys boot.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Gillingham and the transport rally.

I went to Gillingham a village near Bungay for their annual transport rally.I took the old taxi as the transit motorhome was waiting for a new exhaust manifold the original having broken.The weather wasn't very kind but it was a decent day out surrounded by old cars,military vehicles,stationary engines and the like.

Seagulls at the sea side.

I bought this old outboard some while back.A Seagull,it carries the slogan "The best outboard for the world" on the tank.(Probably the new ones don't due to some EU regulation or another).After wondering what to do with it for some time I put it on ebay and a bloke rung me up with a half hour and bought it.I wish I'd kept it really,all I'd have needed was a boat to go with it.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Remember "Made in England" ?

I've been having a sort out of tools.Tons of spanners and sockets,most accumulated over years of buying and selling.Tools boxes full of old stuff and sorthing through reminded me of when we could actually make things in this country rather than simply inporting it from China etc.The quality of some of these old tools is far superior to some of the Chinese and Indian junk on sale now.I've been cleaning up some of the tools to sell at a car boot or autojumble.It's a shame we've got to the stage where we can't make anything anymore it seems as though price is the main consideration these days.