Friday, 20 May 2011

The Norwich Classic vehicle fun day.

This went past my shop the other day.There will be a lot more like it at the Norwich Classic vehicle day on June 5th.
I had been thinking of taking my P5b Rover  along for the day,but decided not to bother.

Work on lowestofts docks.

This large crawler crane arrived on the docks yesterday.It's working on the quayside in what used to be the old fish market.This pic was taken from one of the upstairs bedroom windows facing east,in the distance is the North sea.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Building work by Bodgit and Scarpa ltd.

I'm still repairing the drain pipes on the shop.The victorian cast iron jobbies have been covered by the rendering on the top floors and there's nothing other than that holding them up. I've replaced the steel pins that fix them to the wall on the lower floors,they were corroded through in most places and missing entirely in others.
Rendering on the building has covered the fixings to the pipe whichisn't fixed anywhere near straight anyway.

Pipe has come away from wall as the fixings have corroded away.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Water pipes and the front door.

The cast iron pipe on the shop front had come away from the wall,it was about as straight as a donkeys back leg anyway and a wonder it hadn't fell off years ago. As this is a conservation area the council wont let us use modern plastic pipe so the old pipe had to be removed,the wall behind repaired and new fixings made to hold it back on the wall.

The front door next door to the shop longer fitted,subscidence and a lot of rot around the hinges meant there were gaps in places and it jammed in others.the frame was repaired and the hinges reset.The window at the top had been painted in the shut position but was opened with carefull levering and wedging.The door is now being repainted.We are going to remove the metal grilles in the shop windows and replace the wood holding the glass,this has rotted out due to condensation running down the inside of the glass.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Some more restoration.

The front of our shop Baconsdozen is starting to look a bit rough so we are undertaking a long overdue repair and repaint.The sea air and winds are just as unkind to paint finishes on wood and masonry as they are on cars.So far,apart from cementing the carpet when a bag of cement from Wickes fell to bits as I carried it through the shop,things haven't gone too bad.We've decided to change from the blue and white to a light and dark brown colour scheme.the paint is supposed to be guaranteed six years and with the price of it I hope they're right.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Funny sort of day.

I spent the morning dismantling and adjusting the top suspension swivels on my P5b.Things went well,the joints came undone,they weren't that worn and still had a bit of grease in them.Repacked with grease they were bolted back together and apart from finding a split in one of the rubber boots that will have to be sorted out one day things went well.
All full of enthusiasm,I decided to get the paint pot out and touch up a couple of chips.I know I put it somewhere safe,but couldnt find it anywhere.