Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ebay.When's the funeral?.

I tried ebay to see if it will be a quick way to shift some gear.I used it a long while ago for some years but the high fees,crummy feedback rules and insistance on paypal made me move more to my web site.
This latest excursion onto ebay was a disaster.There are hardly any buyers on there and most of those left have deep pockets and long arms.I thought this country was in bother but didn't realise how far it had spread,even stuff at really low prices is hard to shift in any quantity.
Trawling ebay for stuff to buy is a waste of time.It use to be full of quirky stuff and bargains,now its just a glorified Tesco or Amazon.
What a shame.
Meanwhile sales on ebid seem to be fairly stable as more people move from ebay.It will be a long while before it challenges ebays place as No1 though.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Rule Britannia.(if the rest of the world don't mind)

I have been trying to find suppliers who can guarantee the tools I sell in my shop and on the internet are made in this country.So far I've drawn a blank.
A country that sent engineering products all over the world now seems to be a shipping agent for China.
I found one firm in Sheffield who've made spanners and the like for years but even they are now considering importing stuff from the far east as the price of labour and raw materials climb.No wonder China is the biggest polluter in the world,it makes more stuff than anyone else in the world.How all this pollution in making the stuff and then shipping it sits with all the aims of the 'greens' seems less important than the interests of big business,but its ashame that people are prepared to buy just about anything as long as its cheap,forgetting the real cost is spread far wider.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Diesels.The infernal combustion engine.

I've been trying to improve the Nissan diesel in my old taxi.It might be long lasting and reliable but its a bit agricultural and though they clatter on for years its not exactly relaxing to drive.
I tried all sorts of additives and the one thats impressed so far is the Redex 0 to 60 cetane booster.The engine seems to run smoother with it,maybe it improved performance and mpg but I haven't really tested it but the engine is definately quieter.
I'm now going to try some low ash two stroke oil,I've read on some forums that this should achieve the same sort of results and with the sulphur content of diesel fuel being reduced it might help lubricate the pump and injectors.
I'll see how I get on.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Don't feed the birds?.

Lowestofts hungry pigeons
Most days I put some stuff out for the resident pigeons and seagulls especially in the winter.Two reasons,One I feel sorry for the poor beggars and Two because the council tell you not to.
They're all gods creatures after all and those who moan about the noise of seagulls might like to think how glad my old mate who went stone deaf at the age of twenty would like to hear them again.