Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Rule Britannia.(if the rest of the world don't mind)

I have been trying to find suppliers who can guarantee the tools I sell in my shop and on the internet are made in this country.So far I've drawn a blank.
A country that sent engineering products all over the world now seems to be a shipping agent for China.
I found one firm in Sheffield who've made spanners and the like for years but even they are now considering importing stuff from the far east as the price of labour and raw materials climb.No wonder China is the biggest polluter in the world,it makes more stuff than anyone else in the world.How all this pollution in making the stuff and then shipping it sits with all the aims of the 'greens' seems less important than the interests of big business,but its ashame that people are prepared to buy just about anything as long as its cheap,forgetting the real cost is spread far wider.

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