Friday, 25 September 2009

You can't have too much bling

More bling on the poor old taxi.Chrome bumpers front and back.More bling, just sex on wheels.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

More hold ups than Dick Turpin.

An ambulance,blue lights flashing helplessly waits as another boat heads out to sea.Lets hope the patient waiting for the ambulance didn't mind waiting while Capn Pugwash meanders on his way.
A couple of hours later an another sailing boat splutters and farts its way out to sea,the bridge duly rises and half of Lowestoft splutters and farts its way to a halt.


Friday, 18 September 2009

Lowestoft more Jam than Hartleys.

For some time I've been thinking of going out and selling tea and snacks to the drivers stuck in Lowestofts traffic jams.
Since the folly of the sunrise scheme we now get a better class of jam the trustrated delivery drivers and the motorists who've been driving round and round for hours trying to find a place to park or escape the place all add to its cosmopolitan flavour.

Things to do in a Lowestoft traffic jam.
1.Start writing a novel or a letter to Aunt Maude.
2.Learn to play chess or speak another language.
3.Pull faces in the rear view mirror at the driver in the car behind you.
4.Read the Bible or War and Peace.
5.Send the passenger off shopping,you'll not have moved far when they come back.
6.Count how many empty shops you can see.
7.Start on this years Christmas present list.
8.Try and work out what song the guy in front is singing along to.
9.Stare at him untill he turns round and feels silly.
10.Try not to think about how long before you can go wee wee.

Pimp my ride.

I bought an old london black cab a while back.Made by LTI these are called Fairway taxis,the engine is a Nissan 2.7 diesel the body pretty much the same as the old Austin FX4.
I've been repairing,restoring and welding the thing ever since bought it.
Aftre all that I needed some light relief and when I saw some chrome hub caps advertised and thought I'd get them.You can't beat a bit of bling.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sad picture from the caravan site.

I took the dogs to the beach this morning at the old caravan site.Someones pride and joy had burnt out,apparently the result of an electrical fault.Very sad.
I assume it is (or rather was) a renault motorhome.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Credit crunch,recession,we're doomed I tell you,doomed.

The credit crunch seems to be even hitting the car boot sales,I went to the one at Beccles and both the ones at Yarmouth.A total waste of time,most of the stuff would have been better off in a skip and that which was any good seems to give people a funny idea of its value.A grotty old compressor for £75 is about what I can sell a new one for and I also passed at a welder that smelled as though it had been on fire a time or two.

Here's another picture of the cars at the country fair.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Cars and more cars.

Had a day out at Raveningham Country fair.I've never been to one before,knights jousting,falcons,steam engines,model planes (great flying display) dog races and ferrets (thankfully both kept seperate),dance troups and lots of other things including the most expensive drinks cans I've ever resisted the temptation to buy.Nice display of cars in the centre of the field.Well worth the trip,just take your own drinks.