Thursday, 11 October 2012

How much is that doggy in the window?

Patty is settling in and wearing us both out in the process.She is very headstrong (apparently a Cane Corso) characteristic,incredibly strong and boisterous.
This is her sitting in the shop window as we clear out all the stock as the place is now up for sale. We've shifted a lot of stuff at the car boot and on ebay but there is still a hell of a lot to move.
I still miss old George,the tree planted over him is doing well and it somehow provides a link to him or rather his memory,if Patty becomes half the dog he was she'll be doing well.
In lots of ways I prefer the company of dogs to humans.In all the years I had George and his mate Jack they never lied to me or cheated,they didn't want money or ask for anything other than a place to live and food.In return I got a couple of super companions and true friends.
Some people could learn a lot from them (but they wont).