Monday, 24 August 2009

Lowestoft,ships that passed in the night.

One day you look out the window and see a virtually empty dock and the next it can be full.Sometimes the boats arrive during the nigh,normally you don't hear them above the shouts of the drunks piling out of the pubs and night clubs so it's sometimes a suprise to see the dock busy first thing in the morning.A lot of these boats have 'Survey' written on the side.
I wonder what they do.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Shock,horror stuck in gate.

There was a serious incident in lowestoft yesterday.
The gate trapped him by his ears after he poked his head through.We could have rescued him much earlier but it took a while to find the camera and we really wanted to take this picture.We managed to get him free eventually by pulling his legs really hard,thankfully the gate wasn't damaged.
Good job the dog didn't get stuck as well.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ebay,all over bar the shouting?

For some years I've sold tools and other stuff on Ebay.Over the past eighteen months or so probably as a result of fee increases,compulsory paypal and constant rule changes I've noticed the prices items sell for at auction have steadily fallen.Today I cancelled one auction for a colortune tuning aid as with less than a day to go it had attracted very low bids.I use ebid auctions and erater in the US and whilst sales are still behind ebay the prices are higher.
I wonder has Ebay with its contempt for its customers killed the goose that laid the golden egg?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Parking too long,just the ticket.

My old mate Woefull Dismal Councl are in the news again.Having made it just about impossible for anyone to park in Lowestoft unless they pay the scandalous parking charges and messed up loading and unloading for shops and houses all through the town centre they have asked the police not to ask people to move but to book them.(Shades of hawaii 5 0,remember "book em Danno?".This bunch of incompetant numpties simply can't admit that its them who've messed up the town and simply hand the results of their cock ups on to the old bill who must be heartily sick of sorting out the chaos the numpties 'vision' has created.
meanwhile back in the real world,a couple of pics of some interesting cars spotted at yarmouth.

Monday, 3 August 2009

One sale goes well,another falls through.

I went to the car boot at Burgh Castle (Julies) on sunday to sell some stuff that has stuck a bit in the shop.Not a bad day (apart from some stuff getting knicked) but I ended up buying about as much as I got rid of.It was a really hot day,lots of people milling around some of who even spoke English.

On the way back I let the dogs have a swim in the sea near the old caravan site at Lowestoft.The beach is horrendous with great lumps of concrete and metal spikes that would skewer a dog or pretty much anything else in the water.The sale of the caravan site has fallen through after nearly two years of lies,promises and messing about.To be honest I wouldn't trust WDC to run a car boot sale let alone organise the sale of something like a caravan site.