Monday, 3 August 2009

One sale goes well,another falls through.

I went to the car boot at Burgh Castle (Julies) on sunday to sell some stuff that has stuck a bit in the shop.Not a bad day (apart from some stuff getting knicked) but I ended up buying about as much as I got rid of.It was a really hot day,lots of people milling around some of who even spoke English.

On the way back I let the dogs have a swim in the sea near the old caravan site at Lowestoft.The beach is horrendous with great lumps of concrete and metal spikes that would skewer a dog or pretty much anything else in the water.The sale of the caravan site has fallen through after nearly two years of lies,promises and messing about.To be honest I wouldn't trust WDC to run a car boot sale let alone organise the sale of something like a caravan site.

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