Monday, 24 June 2013

Bargains from the car boot.

I did a stall at the car boot (Burgh castle in Norfolk). The weather was poor (this has been a pretty awfull summer) and things were quiet.
I went for a wander round not really convinced that I'd find anything worthwhile.I spotted a huge Record vice laying on the floor at one stall.It was seized but the rust looked reasonably light and the oil and grease was dirty but still should have offered some protection and for £10 it was a potential bargain.It was heavy enough not to want to lug it too many times round the field and when I got it home a half hour with releasing fluid and a blow torch it was soon in a usuable condition.
The next bargains were a couple of compression testers,one in a box with all the adaptors and the other looking little used £3.50p bought the two. A vacuum gauge was 50p and a huge engine starter and charger was another £10.
The starter/charger needed some soldering but seems to work fine.
I didn't sell much but with my purchases considered the day was a good one.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Is that really the time?

I can't believe it,times gone so fast.
We are now doing a few car boots,we normally go to Julies car boot at Burgh Castle,only down the road from us now we've moved.
We started taking a load of second hand bits and pieces but are now taking some tools.We managed to get hold of a few in a cheaper range that the whitworth and AF tools stuff that we sell on the net.These are mainly metric.
We've also bought a load of hardware for the house,DIY etc .Time will tell if this is a seller or
Meanwhile I've done little real work on my P5b Rover. I repaired a water leak on the back screen and had a breakdown on the way to a car show.
I've spent a long while welding rust holes in the transit and taxi.