Monday, 21 October 2013

BT get their act together.

Fair play to BT we had a call from them and the line has now been sorted.
One lesson I've learnt is that if you dont get anywhere the first time you try again and again if you have to.
Persistance pays off in the end.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BT do they care?.

For over three weeks my home phone line has been dead and my broadband slow to the point of being useless. BT have lied again and again about fixing it and they deliberately have kept me on hold time and time again on an expensive mobile. Asking them to cancel the contract or give a MAC code means they cut the line or pass me on to someone who is incapable of understanding english.
I thought I'd either accept this or rant and rave or try and sort it.
Trawling through the net you can find alternative numbers and e-mail addresses for managers and directors of BT. I tried contacting some of these. I'm not going to post them on here as if they are bombarded with complaints it is counterproductive but already a rep from BT has phoned and the problem is being attended to.
I'll post as soon as I know what happens.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Black and Decker multi tool. Usefull or what?

I went to a small car boot sale on sunday. In a school playing field near the James Pagett hospital it was a fund raiser for the school. Not a huge turn out but I sold a few bits and bobs and bought one of those muti tools. Looking a bit like the Dremel everyone is familiar with,this was the Black and Decker version.
When I got home I carried on with draining the radiator of the P5b Rover The bottom hose clip was rusted solid and just wouldn't undo. So,I thought (more out of desperation than conviction) that I'd try the new toy and one of its little cutting discs. Small enough to get in place it worked a treat and cut the clip without cutting the hose. The discs are quite fragile and break easily but used correctly they did the job in a few seconds. Five quid well spent.