Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Clear out and refill.

I did a stall at the car boot at Burgh Castle on Sunday and remembered the camera..
A good day,I managed to sell a lot of the older tools and stuff out of the workshop and store that I don't need anymore.
Only problem is,that as usual I got all over excited when I went for a wander and ended up buying more stuff that "Might come in handy one day" . I like this car boot.They don't pack you in like sardines,there's a fresh veg and a butcher,both of who are there every week and its a nice relaxed atmosphere.
Julies car boot

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Putting the boot in.

The boot on the Rover P5b has a couple of holes where rust has come through at the bottom.I've ordered some cellulose paint in Burnt Grey which is supposed to be the colour and repaired a spray gun I bought at a car boot.With no garage I'm hoping for a day with no wind so I can repair the rust and get the boot looking a bit better.
There are a lot of micro blisters in places,on the doors one side and on the top of the boot lid.I'm going to try 
rubbing the paint down with a very fine wet and dry to get to the sound coats underneath and then compounding and polishing the paint.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Burgh Castle car boot time again.

I went to Julies car boot  near Yarmouth on sunday.They close this car boot for part of the year this was the first one of the season.I managed to pick up some tools and a lap top computer from a smashing couple who gave me their name and address in case there was any problem,there wasn't it works great.
I might even do a stall up there this coming sunday,.If  I remember the camera I'll take some pictures.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Kick down a cock up.

I thought I'd have a go at adjusting the kick down cable on the Rover.The gear changes are happening at  higher speeds than they should do and the poor old girl thumps when coasting to a halt.People tell me thats because the kick down cable is too tight.The ruddy thing is hard to get to and all the bolts and adjustments were too tight for fingures and next to impossible to get at with pliers but I managed to get it all off,cleaned and adjusted.

I took it out for a run and it seemed a bit better,not really sure if thats wishfull thinking or imagination as it wasn't really that horrible in the first place.I'll have to wait for a longer run and get it good and hot.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Rule Britannia.

I've just taken delivery of some English made tools.The quality is very high (trouble is so is the price).
"Made in England" still carries some weight in the USA and Australia/New Zealand etc but sales in the UK just aren't that good,everyone buys the cheaper imported stuff.
These tools are from a company thats been making them in england for over a century,I wonder if they'll still be about in another 100 years.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Car booty.Not worth the effort today.

I had a look round the car boot at the Kessingland wildlife park on Sunday.What a waste of time,the weather was pretty poor buy no excuse for all the junk and overpriced tat.Most of the car booters are now professionals and some of the stuff must get humped in and out of the car boots for months on end before they find sonmeone to buy it.I was hoping to find some whitworth or other obsolete tools
I took the rover to a trip to gorleston and spent a pleasant hour with a bag of chips watching a couple of die hard enthusiasts with radio controlled boats on the boating lake.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Is Ebay still the place for a bargain?.

People keep saying ebay is on the way out but it still seems to attract a lot of interest.I've tried the other auction sites like Ecrater and Ebid but I've bought more on ebay than all the others put together.
Well,if you can't beat them join them and I've now started having a clear out of tools
I think ebay has now got so big that its a bit like Tesco,no matter how bad things get people will still spend money there.There's a discussion forum about internet auctions called pheebay they discuss ebay,ebid and ecrater.In the meanwhile I'm still relying on my own site for the majority of tool sale,its better than paying fees to ebay and I dont feel as though someones looking over my shoulder all the time.