Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Settling in.

Patti continues to amuse and baffle us both at the same time.
She's suddenly decided squirrel chasing might be fun,she barks and strains to get up a tree everytime she sees one.
She demolished part of the fence the other day chasing a cat (I notice more birds are coming to the table outside the window they probably thing with Patti chasing the cats away they're safe,trouble is Patti will probably chase them if she gets bored).
Some turd left some broken glass on Gorleston beach the other day and Patti got a bad cut on her front pad from it.It didn't bleed much and we've kept it clean,it has healed well and she shows no sign of being in any discomfort.
There are lots of dogs at Meadow Green a rescue centre near us.All of them deserve to have a better Christmas in a family home.I always want to take them all home with me when I go there,some have been very badly treated in the past. I doubt Patti would tolerate another dog in the house. Shame really.