Saturday, 31 May 2014

Welding up the back doors on the fairway taxi taxi

The door skin on the old fairway taxi was starting to come adrift. I took the door off and turning it upside down found the bottom of the door had all but vanished.
Even the thick metal that holds the door seal had broken up into pieces. I made a couple of sections to weld in,the repair wont last for ever but I did find even on ebay doors for these are hard to find and/or expensive. The doors like the rest of the vehicle rot badly,water comes in through the very poorly designed seals.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Car boot bargains,they just keep coming.

Went to a car boot this sunday. Julies car boot near Yarmouth. I did a stall to get rid of some stuff but came back with a load more.

I bought a compressor,a spray gun,tyre inflator and an air line. Also some old cast iron seat ends,an old but nice and solid petrol engine compression tester and some odd spanners. The spanners will go up for sale on the web site. I think now ebay seems to have shot itself in the foot again and choked off many small sellers that car boots are now going to be a better place to find the odd bargain. certainly for selling smaller items ebay is no longer as attractive for buyers or sellers as it once was.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A bit of woodwork on the car .

One problem that the rover P5 and P5b have is water coming in at the ends of the windscreen and rotting out the metal behind and spoiling the trim especially the ends of the dashboard.
The wood fillets in the corners discolour and delaminate. I removed the wood from the drivers side nd the back of it was pretty badly damaged. the screws securing the panel are hard to locate but on this fillet they had started to give up the ghost anyway.

The area behind the panel was in reasonable order,some surface rust treated with fluid film. The panel was repaired and then fitted back in. Originally I had removed it to replace the furflex trim around the doors. This is secured with tacks to some strips recessed into the door openings.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sound proofing the Rover P5b.

I noticed when I took the radio out of the rover that some of the soundproofing felt had been removed from the dash panel area. I took the radio and the panel it fits into out and replaced the missing material.According to a couple of people I spoke to there should be more material behind the glove box and I have replaced this too.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

More car boot booty.

Took a load of stuff to the car boot,I'm clearing a relations house. I bought a couple of old computers and was amazed to find they both worked (I only really wanted the case of one) I also bought an old drill powered drill sharpener. I've never had a lot of luck sharpening the smaller drills with a grindstone but this did a perfect job on the one I tried.