Thursday, 23 July 2009

Yarmouth and the staycation

Went off to yarmouth last night,had a look at the cars near 'Joyland'.Lovely old bullnose morris there .It was blue with a polished brass radiator,two seater convertible but the piccy hasn't come out so you'll have to use your imagination.The Morris 1000 pictured had a matching trailer and the Ford a V8 and a jag back axle.
Even with the attractions open and a decent sort of a day the sea front was pretty quiet although a lot of people were milling about after the firework display.The TV keeps on about people not being able to afford going abroad and having a 'staycation' instead.I wonder,if they are simply not going anywhere at all.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

The free lottery.

Almost everyday I get an e-mail,normally from someone whos spelling and grammar is a bit 'iffy' telling me I've won a lottery.As I don't do lotteries I think these people,who normally ask me to send them loads of private details,are telling porkies.
I also get e-mails offering me a job cashing cheques or investing millions of pounds on a commission basis from someone whos parents and all relatives were killed in a train crash or by some tyrannical goverment.There are also loads of goverment or bank officials who need a white face to pass off as the son or relative of someone who deposited millions of pounds with them in an untraceable account and then promptly popped their clogs.
Sadly there are people about who believe some of this twaddle,sadder still there are those who make a living peddaling this rubbish.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My sea fronts better than your sea front

At the end of the day I really enjoy taking a stroll with the dogs.Nice to empty your mind or think some problem through without distractions.Some days I go by the ruins of the old sea wall.As long as you don't do something daft like try to swim in the sea and run the risk of skewering yourself on one of the spikes,the beach here is quite peacefull.
It suprises me how its never the same two days running,as the sea moves huge mounds of shingle from one end to the other and back again constantly reshaping the beach.Massive lumps of concrete are moved and thrown about when there is a storm,the power of the sea is both beautifull and frightening (mainly depending on where you happen to be watching it from at the time).

Friday, 10 July 2009

Mud,mud,glorious mud.

Looking out the bedroom window this morning I see the 'Cherry Sand' hard at work clearing mud from the old trawler basin.The sand and mud removed is deposited inside the vessel which then takes it out to sea.The operation is performed on a regular basis to keep the channels and basins clear and provide a safe depth of water.The skill of the helmsman and the grab operators operating the vessel in tight spaces is remarkable.I often watch to see if anything exciting is dredged up,so far other than the odd tyre or bit of chain,nothing.
The dredging keeps the area deep enough for yachts and sea going vessels,pontoon for smaller boats berths are provided to an area to the left of this picture.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Today,we are looking through the square window

It's now slinging it down with rain but this morning the sun was out and hanging out of the bed room window I took this picture of the docks.It seems busier than usual,lots of activity.It seems a bit odd to me that there's a new harbour being built at yarmouth which is only a few miles down the road and which already has horrendous traffic problems whilst there is already a working harbour here that could be further developed.The Yarmouth harbour was floated on the promise of jobs which haven't materialised,yesterday there was even a protest over lost dockers jobs.The port has already swallowed 20,000,000 pounds of goverment grants I wonder how much more it will soak up.
The dates wrong on the picture,I'm still getting used to a new camera.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Yarmouth the new ghost town?.

I went to Yarmouth,next to the American diner were some cars from The East coast pirates car club,some american muscle cars,some classic american cars,a 100E with a transverse engine,Morris 1000 woody with matching trailer,a Mk1 escort RS and others I've forgotten.Just to prove to myself that I'm starting to go senile I forgot my camera,so you'll have to make do with an earlier picture (unless some kind soul forwards me some pictures).I was amazed how quiet yarmouth was,years ago the golden mile would have been crammed with people,on a warm July evening it was virtually empty and most places were closed.Either the sea side is losing its fascination or this credit crunch is bitng harder than we thought.