Thursday, 16 July 2009

The free lottery.

Almost everyday I get an e-mail,normally from someone whos spelling and grammar is a bit 'iffy' telling me I've won a lottery.As I don't do lotteries I think these people,who normally ask me to send them loads of private details,are telling porkies.
I also get e-mails offering me a job cashing cheques or investing millions of pounds on a commission basis from someone whos parents and all relatives were killed in a train crash or by some tyrannical goverment.There are also loads of goverment or bank officials who need a white face to pass off as the son or relative of someone who deposited millions of pounds with them in an untraceable account and then promptly popped their clogs.
Sadly there are people about who believe some of this twaddle,sadder still there are those who make a living peddaling this rubbish.

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