Friday, 25 April 2014

MOT on the rover p5b. No tax and no tax disc.

I took the rover for its MOT today and it passed with no advisories. Due to its status as a historic vehicle (a reminder of when this country had a thriving car manufacturing industry) it qualifies for free road tax. Its tax disc is marked as no payment made. The EU in another interference in English affairs are proposing to do away with tax discs,our weak government will go along with this as they allow the Germans and others to do more damage to this country in peacetime than they ever did in war.
How long before these parasites want old cars off the road ?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Repairing and restoring.some old leather car seats

The seats in my rover p5b were pretty grim but I had a secondhand set also in very poor condition to practice on.
They had been painted and were very hard and cracked,the first thing to do was rub them carefully with thinners to get the paint off.

The seat back was bad,cracked and creased.
I experimented on another scrap seat and found most cracks were actually in the painted surface and they could be smoothed with fine wet and dry or a wire wool pad.
The front panel of the seat was heavily painted and stiff,most of the paint was removed with thinners.
After much cleaning with an alcohol based cleaner the dye was rubbed into the cracks and then a fine coat sprayed on,the improvement to the leathers texture was most noticeable.

The seat after a thin sprayed coat of dye.I found the dye too thick to spray with an air brush and used a spray gun (gravity feed type) and set on minimum it gave a very fine spray.The seat still has to have another coat (maybe) and then has to be sealed.