Friday, 18 September 2009

Lowestoft more Jam than Hartleys.

For some time I've been thinking of going out and selling tea and snacks to the drivers stuck in Lowestofts traffic jams.
Since the folly of the sunrise scheme we now get a better class of jam the trustrated delivery drivers and the motorists who've been driving round and round for hours trying to find a place to park or escape the place all add to its cosmopolitan flavour.

Things to do in a Lowestoft traffic jam.
1.Start writing a novel or a letter to Aunt Maude.
2.Learn to play chess or speak another language.
3.Pull faces in the rear view mirror at the driver in the car behind you.
4.Read the Bible or War and Peace.
5.Send the passenger off shopping,you'll not have moved far when they come back.
6.Count how many empty shops you can see.
7.Start on this years Christmas present list.
8.Try and work out what song the guy in front is singing along to.
9.Stare at him untill he turns round and feels silly.
10.Try not to think about how long before you can go wee wee.

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