Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ebay.When's the funeral?.

I tried ebay to see if it will be a quick way to shift some gear.I used it a long while ago for some years but the high fees,crummy feedback rules and insistance on paypal made me move more to my web site.
This latest excursion onto ebay was a disaster.There are hardly any buyers on there and most of those left have deep pockets and long arms.I thought this country was in bother but didn't realise how far it had spread,even stuff at really low prices is hard to shift in any quantity.
Trawling ebay for stuff to buy is a waste of time.It use to be full of quirky stuff and bargains,now its just a glorified Tesco or Amazon.
What a shame.
Meanwhile sales on ebid seem to be fairly stable as more people move from ebay.It will be a long while before it challenges ebays place as No1 though.

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