Monday, 22 June 2009

Lowstuffs a boom town,The BBC says so.

I've just been listening to a load of twaddle on the BBC saying Lowestoft is in the middle of a boom.Apparently a boayyard that burnt down a few years back has employed an extra bloke,from that they reckon the towns booming.
Nice bit of film they shew of the town centre though,pity it was about four years old,half the stores shown are now gone.What a load of tripe passes for local news on the BBC.
The only thing I see booming are the slum landlords turning empty office blocks into grubby little flats and bedsits with the cost of the work subsidised by grants and hand outs.Boom,my backside.
Meanwhile the endless traffic jams at least make sure Lowestofts contribution to global warming IS well and trully booming.

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