Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Phantom jobs but real job losses.

The employment picture in Lowestoft has taken another hard knock (in fact its taken a few).Jeld wen,a major employer who make wooden furniture has gone down the pan and Elizabeth hotels who own a lot of property in lowestoft (some of which was to have been improved) have gone into administration.
The EDP and Lowestoft Journal can drivel on about the phantom 10,000 new jobs all they like but things are pretty bad for the town at the moment and it doesn't look as though in reality things are going to get any better.
Meanwhile,the ludicrous 'Waveney Campus' project has finally vanished without trace.Millions of pounds have been squandered on this monument to its stupidity by our council,the council tax payers of the county will be paying for something that never was,neber should have been and never now will be for years to come.

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