Monday, 4 April 2011

Giving the car a lift.

I'm making some car ramps using some heavy timber and angle iron.The timber which is 8 x 2 inches approx will be placed one plank on top of another and the angle will form the stop..This will be much stronger than the thin angle iron ramps although much,much heavier.I don't trust them anyway and I think axle stands are a bit unstable when the car is over a foot off the ground.
With just the finishing off to do I tried my ex-london taxi on them.The weight is handy is one way,it means the ramps don't try and slide out from under the wheels as the car drives up on them.These taxis are quite heavy cars with a strong seperate chassis and a bulky diesel engine and the ramps needed to be strong.
Later I spent a morning under the Rover with waxoyl and fluid film in an effort to keep the rust bug at bay for a few more years.The black waxoyl seems to dry quickly but remain relatively soft,apparently it has to be renewed or touched up on a fairly regular basis to provide protection.

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