Thursday, 13 October 2011

Scams,con men and money laundering.

I see a few directory sites are still carrying listings for the ficticious company "Baconsdozen Industrial Ltd" the sites use my companes name and address but a wrong phone number and or e-mail address.Contacting them usually leads you into a cheque laundering scam run by some Nigerian con man using various fancifull names,sometimes he's even a 'woman' under the name of Precious Brown or Cassandra Casadian. The whole thing farcical apart from the fact that some idiots fall for it and endd up being conned out of money.
My web site is here click to visit .The old adage if it seems too good to be true its probably not true seems lost on people prepared to hand over money to these con artists,I've even had driving licences,bank statements and pictures sent here from those all to ready to believe someone they don't know from adam is prpared to give them thousands of pounds or dollars for cashing a cheque for the,
Sad really.

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