Thursday, 16 August 2012

George and the car boots.

Ive been busy organising the move and some of the stuff I no longer need has been taken to the car boot (Julies at Burgh Castle) to sell.As usual my old mate George has come along for the ride but now its possible he's been to his last one.
George has suddenly developed a really bad limp and is hardly using one leg at all.The vet has agreed that at his advanced age (he's nearly fifteen) the only real hope is that strong pain killers might give nature a chance to heal what ever is wrong with hi,it seems risky to knock him out for x rays etc and at that age the chances of surgery of any kind performing a miracle seem limited.
With the tablets he is wobbling about reasonably well and doesn't seem in distress or pain.
We'll have to see,here he is in happier times.

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