Saturday, 19 July 2014

Welding the floor on the transit.

I took the rubber mat out of the old transit motorhome and found some holes in the cab floor. After taking the plug out of the back of the alternator and disconnecting the battery I started to weld the holes.

The holes in the floor pan were localised where water coming through the heater vents collects under the rubber mat. These were cut out and the edges squared off.A plate was then made to accurately fit in the holes,supported in place and but welded to the floor

The patches were then painted with red lead paint. For a neater job the welds could have been ground down flush but the floor is covered anyway and the patches hardly show underneath when painted over.

.The passengers side wing never fitted well.It stood very much proud of the leading edge of the door.New wings are unobtainable so I cut a thin section from the mounting flange (left pic) and then pushed the wing in and welded the edges back together. The door and wing now are much closer and the welding strengthened the door hinge area.

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